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Mortgage type Any First-time buyer Remortgage Moving house. Mortgage term years.

Can I get a high LTV mortgage over £1million?

Initial rate type Any Fixed Discounted Tracker. Deal length Any 2 years 3 years 5 years 7 years 10 years. Repayment type Repayment. Update results. APRC 3. APRC 4. Overall cost for comparison Fee total Initial rate Monthly payment. Initial rate 2. More details. Initial rate 3. Load more deals. The number of lenders in the fixed-rate mortgage sector has grown six-fold, from 10 in to 58 separate firms today.

Mortgage providers are increasingly looking to cater for young professionals starting out on the property ladder.

What is LTV (Loan To Value)?

From the perspective of mortgage providers, first-time buyers are also new customers, who can be enticed onto more lucrative deals in the future. Charlotte Nelson, financial expert at Moneyfacts.

Jumbo Loans

Moreover, they may need to shop around quickly, as with economic uncertainties ahead, only time will tell if these low rates are here to stay. One potential pitfall of the new rates, however, is that payback is still at a much higher rate than lower percentage LTVs — so the customer may well find themselves financially worse off, despite the smaller initial outlay.

The Mortgage Loan To Value Ratio

This is more of a danger if you are intending to buy and sell within a relatively short time period, as house prices tend to stabilise and rise over time. With this type of mortgage, a family member or friend, puts cash into a lender savings account or a cross charge is made on their property to guarantee the mortgage for a specific period of time usually 3 years. Once the guarantee period has elapsed, the funds are returned.

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As these deals are relatively uncommon the best option is to put together a deposit, no matter how small. Are you looking for a high loan-to-value mortgage?

Contact our experts to explore your options. Contact Us. When money is tight it may seem impossible to get funds together for a mortgage deposit.

However, there are some things you could consider. This is just a snapshot of your options.

Loan to Value Ratio - Definition and Calculation

For more detail read our guide to saving up a mortgage deposit. Speaking to a Simply Lending Solutions broker can be your first step to finding a suitable mortgage, even if you only have a small deposit. We can also give you advice about other options that you may have, such as considering Help to Buy or shared ownership schemes. Using Simply Lending Solutions allows you to get on with your life, while we search the deals on your behalf. Simply Lending Solutions prides itself on its straightforward application process that makes things stress-free for you.

You then leave it to us to explore the market to find a deal for you. Simply Lending Solutions then underwrites your preferred deal in-house. We do this in order to allow the application to proceed more smoothly once it is passed to the lender.

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