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Smilematic Automate your AmazonSmile donations. Millennial Shopping Report Research into millennial consumer trends. Auntie Anne's Pretzels, often called just Auntie Anne's, is a chain of shops that sell pretzels, cold drinks, and other dishes.

One thing that sets this chain apart from others is that it frequently looks for ways to add to its menu of existing products. Auntie Anne's Pretzels often test markets dishes in certain areas to see how well customers respond before adding those products to all its menus. Anne Beiler grew up in the Mennonite Church and started baking at a young age. Beiler used her baking skills to create pretzels that her family and friends loved, which led to her opening a stall at a small farmers' market in Pennsylvania. She sold pretzels that she mixed and kneaded by hand. The stall became so successful that she launched her first store in , which she called Auntie Anne's Pretzels.

Though they experienced some problems with the original recipe, Beiler and her husband eventually created a recipe that they could use daily with the same results.

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When she opened her first franchise location in , she gave that franchise owner the rights to use the Auntie Anne's name and that recipe. Beiler remained in charge of the company for a number of years before selling the company to Focus Brands.

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Focus Brands owns a number of other food companies. There are around 1, locations in the United States and abroad. Most locations are in airports and shopping malls, but some locations are in travel centers and on college campuses. Walmart also has a deal with the company that allows Auntie Anne's franchises to open in select Walmart stores.

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Since buying the company, Focus Brands created a line of products that let shoppers make Auntie Anne's pretzels at home. You'll learn what comes in the box and what steps you take to make your own pretzels. One of the best features of the Auntie Anne's Pretzels website is that it contains a full menu of products.

While some products are not available in all stores, most of those shown online are available from most stores. The featured item gives you details about the hottest product you can buy or one of the newest products. You can click on the pretzels option to view all the different types of pretzels available, including plain pretzels, those dusted with cinnamon and sugar, or pretzels topped with pepperoni.

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The site includes nutritional information on all dipping sauces, too, including sweet mustard, melted cheese, and marinara sauce. Auntie Anne's Pretzels set itself apart from the competition with unique offerings like its line of pretzel dogs.


This line combines everything you love about hot dogs with everything you love about soft pretzels. The company makes a basic dish that includes a hot dog wrapped in one of its soft pretzels and then lightly baked. The website gives you nutritional content, including details on fat and calories, on each product made. Though most know Auntie Anne's for its pretzels, the company also offers a number of cold drinks, including soft drinks and lemonade.

Its lemonade mixers let you mix a flavor that you love like peach or blue raspberry with its traditional lemonade. The chain also makes frozen lemonade mixers that blend your choice of flavors with lemonade and ice for a sweet and cold treat. Use the Auntie Anne's Pretzels website to find shops close to you and to hire the company to do catering for an upcoming event. The site has a home baking section that gives you information on using its home baking kits and its frozen pretzels at home.

You'll also find recipes that provide unique methods of using these pretzels, including as pizza crust or biscuits. admin