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It sounds more like a marketing scheme to me. The Champion design has metal end caps on the filter cartridge, with the bypass valve stamped right into the bottom end cap like the Purolator. I refer to this as a one-piece filter cartridge. Though definitely not the same design as the Purolator, it does use the same type of leaf-spring-type spacer at the top of the cartridge and the nitrile anti- drainback valve, which doubles as the cartridge-to- backplate seal, at the bottom.

The drawback to this one-piece cartridge is the rather fragile filter element paper media. It is a thin, brittle paper that rips fairly easily. It was difficult to disassemble these cartridges without destroying the filter element. One other issue is that I sometimes noticed some rust on the backplate of these filters.

Since the rust is usually around by the inlet holes, any loose rust would be caught by the filter. The telltale signs for a Champion filter are: 6 large holes for the oil inlet, one of which is larger than the others. Only the black anti- drainback valve can be seen through the inlet holes. There are 6 large crimps holding the gasket in place. Through the center outlet hole, you can see the bypass valve spring. Usually, the backplate metal is dull, or even rusty. Years ago Fram was a quality filter manufacturer. Now their standard filter the radioactive-orange cans is one of the worst out there.

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These filters are manufactured by Allied Signal, Inc. Please do not buy these filters. By boycotting it, we may be able to cause some change. I have personally had one if these filters fail and actually cause engine damage due to bits of paper and glue floating around in the engine. For some inside dirt on Fram filters, see this email from an Allied Signal production engineer.

This filter cartridge has a small outside diameter with a rather low filter element surface area sqin , and features cardboard end caps that are glued in place. The rubber anti- drainback valve seals against the cardboard and easily leaks, causing dirty oil to drain back into the pan. If you have a noisy valve train at startup, this filter is likely the cause.

The bypass valves are plastic and are sometimes not molded correctly, which allows them to leak all the time, but they often leak anyway. The backplate has smaller and fewer oil inlet holes, which may restrict flow, and is made of thin material. There are 5 very small crimps holding the gasket in place. This is the plastic bypass valve. Spring-loaded plastic. Paper media, stamped metal seam. Even with all the problems of the other Fram filters, this one is not too bad. Aside from the filter cartridge, it is a very good design. It has an improved filter element with more surface area sqin , a heavy silicone anti- drainback valve with a good sealing surface, the same plastic pressure relief valve but with an integral screen to keep out large particles, and enough inlet holes for good flow.

The only real drawback to this filter is that it is capped on each end with cardboard instead of metal. When you look through the inlet holes, you can see the orange anti- drainback valve. Silicone rubber diaphragm.

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Spring-loaded plastic with integral screen. Nitrile rubber, PTFE-treated. Far Left: extra guard cartridge. Left: Double Guard. Right: Tough Guard. This is a frustrating filter. Please do not buy it. It is one of the most expensive filters you can buy and it is junk. You can see this in the picture above far left.

I assume this is to hold the Teflon particles in the filter element before the unit is installed. It does not belong there!

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DuPont does not recommend using their Teflon product in internal combustion engines. Although it has the worst filter element possible sqin , it does have a clever spring-loaded nitrile rubber anti- drainback valve and bypass valve combination. Too bad the rest of the filter is worthless. The backplate should be. The anti- drainback valve diaphram behind the inlet holes is black. If you look into the center hole all the way to the top. Nitrile rubber, integral. Mobil 1. Like the Champion, this filter is made by Champion Industries.

However, it uses a unique end plate and a thicker can that make it the strongest filter available for wide-distribution retail sale. It also does not use the fragile paper media of the Champion filter.

5 Best Oil Filters and Reviews 12222

It is definitely a unique design. It uses a synthetic fiber element that can filter out very small particles and is much stronger than the fragile, Champion paper media. It is rated just under the Purolator Pure One as far as filtering capability, but is still very much above conventional paper filters. It also has a very strong construction to withstand high-pressure spikes during start-up. Given the choice between the Purolator Pure One and the Mobil 1 filters, I would choose the Mobil 1 because of the restriction concerns of the Pure One and that pesky assembly string. However, as with all Mobil 1 products, expect to pay 2 - 3 times as much for this filter.

Synthetic media, glued seam. Long Lasting FL-1A. This is an interesting filter. This is the only difference. This is a good filter design and if you want to get a Purolator Pure One filter, get this one instead: it is cheaper. Like the Purolator Pure One, this filter cartridge features a very large element surface area sqin , but with many pleats This packs the filter together rather tightly and may restrict flow somewhat.

I could identify the Pure One element media by a purple dye they use at the seam. It also has the mysterious assembly string wrapped around the outside of the element. Like the Purolators , it features a spring-loaded metal bypass valve and a nitrile rubber diaphram -type anti- drainback valve. The bypass valve is stamped right into the bottom end cap of the cartridge, so it is all one piece.

This data is taken from the Purolator specs and are not from Motorcraft :. Single pass: This filter is a Wix filter with the two-piece filter cartridge. As with the Wix filter, the metal bypass valve seats on the metal cartridge end cap with no gasket of any kind. Some small amount of oil probably leaks through there. It also has the tougher paper filter media of the Wix. This filter is a champion filter with the one-piece filter cartridge. As with the other Champion filters, it has the fragile paper media for a filter element. I did not purchase this filter to tear down, but may do so in the future.

This filter was a big disappointment, but I knew what I was in for the moment I took it out of the box. The only difference is the yellow paint and Penzoil logo. As with the Fram , please do not buy this filter. Penzoil is insulting their own name by putting it on this filter, but obviously they are not interested in selling a quality unit. As you may suspect by the part number, this filter is a Purolator Premium Plus. Yet another Purolator Premium Plus. All measurements were the same. One thing I noticed with this particular example was that the mysterious assembly string was tied too tight and had damaged the filter element.

Although only this one had the problem, I am suspicious of this filter design as a whole including all of the Purolators. As you may be able to tell, the string did not rip into the filter element, it only crushed it. There was no evidence that the element had been compromised.

Out of the 8 Purolators and clones tested, this was the only one with a problem. Premium Plus L Here is a fairly well designed filter, especially for the price. I assume that this is there to hold the element in place while the glue in the end caps cures. Of all the Purolator-based filter I tested, there was one the ProLine that had filter element damage from this string.

Although it was one of five tested, I am weary of this design. Even though the element was crushed a bit, it was not ripped. Other than that, this filter works as intended. Overall This is a superb oil filter that works just like an OEM product. There are really no significant cons that would affect purchases. It is a bit expensive compared to even some OEM products, but the price is well- worth it. The filter is very effective at filtering out contaminants and keeping them out of engines.

We highly recommend this for engines reliant on synthetic oils. View on Amazon Why we like it: The Mobil 1 M has a high passer rating and an additional capacity compared to other filters available in the market. These filters are not cheap, but are well worth it when the interval for changing oil filters are long. This oil filter is best suited for vehicles that use premium or unconventional oil. Design This oil filter is designed for modern engines with longer drain intervals. The Mobil 1 M is highly effective—it has a The filter has an advanced synthetic fiber blend media to remove contaminants in the most effective manner possible.

Compared to other oil filters, this one can hold extra 28g of capacity. The valve, when present, can prevent dry starts and eliminate internal leakage from the engine. Performance The biggest advantage this oil filter has is that it is very long-lasting. The filters can last in a car for 7, miles or even more. We never experienced any issues, possibly because of the additional capacity to hold contaminants.

Another massive advantage of the Mobil 1 M is that it can withstand system pressure up to 9 times more compared to similar oil filters for cars. The filter provides anti-contamination protection up to an impressive pascals! The oil filters are very well built. The drawback would have to be the expensive price tag. While these filters are indeed expensive, the perks are well worth the price. If you have an expensive car engine, these filters would definitely be worth the money.

You will have to be willing to spend some extra cash on one of these filters. But each is well worth the price, in our opinion. If your car is a Toyota, then hands down this would be the best oil filter. If the manual for your Toyota recommends OEM parts, then this oil filter should be the best auto part you can buy. There should not be any issues with this oil filter in a Toyota vehicle. It comes recommended to be used with Toyota branded air filters as well.

However, you can use this oil filter with other brands of air filters if needed. The Toyota air filters stand out because of the really high-quality O-Rings in them. Plus, the filter is highly affordable, despite being an OEM part. The O-Ring is made in such a way that it always retains its form. It will remain intact even during installation. Performance We only experienced a top-notch performance from this oil filter, as expected from a genuine Toyota product. It was a perfect fit for the test Toyotas we had. Installation was really easy too.

But not this one. Because this is an OEM part, it takes a lot of guesswork out of the process of buying an oil filter. However, these oil filters are not as widely available as they should be. The valve system can make the oil spill all over. Overall This OEM oil filter is wonderfully affordable considering the high-quality material in it. The filter is lon- lasting as well. The oil filter is sold with O-Rings that are made from hard plastic only. If your car engine has a specific requirement for metal-free oil filters, then this should fit in perfectly.

There is no corrosion issue of course. Performance The oil filter is rather standard, but it performs considerably well on par with the genuine OE. The filter is highly efficient. It has an immense contaminant bonding capacity largely thanks to the higher surface area available on the filter. The oil filter sports a pleated structuring.

So the surface area of the filter is naturally larger. This is a great feature, but by no means unique to this brand. We found the oil filter easy enough to install. With a wrench removal tool, the installation would be quite easy.

Benefits of Oil Filters

It only needs changing every 10, miles or so. Our only gripe is the price. This oil filter can be difficult to find and can be expensive when available. Overall We were really impressed by the performance of this oil filter. Though an aftermarket product, it can function reliably like an OEM product. View on Amazon Why we like it: Specially designed to be easy to install and remove, The Fram oil filter is worth every penny.

This oil filter is best used with conventional oil. It might not suit some modern engines that rely on synthetic oil. But this filter should suit most cars. Design The Fram oil filter boasts a contaminant-trapping efficiency level of some 95 percent.

6 Best Synthetic Oils 2017

What we found really special about this oil filter is its coating. The oil filter also has a precision coil spring inside. The relieve valve is reinforced Nylon with glass fiber. Performance This is certainly one of the better oil filters we have seen in this price range. It makes removing the filter quite easy. You can rely on this oil filter for about 5, miles. Whether you are in the middle of a desert or a snowstorm, this oil filter would do its work.

For drivers who like to change their oil every 6,, miles, Tough Guard is optimized for stop and go traffic, towing, extreme weather conditions, and is engineered for use with premium conventional or synthetic oil. Overall These filters are very reasonably-priced and offer excellent perks. This filter is excellent for low mileage cars. You can rely on it to keep the engine clean and running in any type of weather. Though the brand is aftermarket, the oil filter is OEM-grade. We were surprised by the rather low price of these filters.

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We can say that this model is one of the least expensive OEM-grade oil filters money can buy. The oil filter has an ironed steel outer casing. The steel is well coated to resist rust, a common issue with steel in vehicles. The oil filter is designed to fit perfectly in Ford engines. The filter can remove contaminants such as dirt, dust, carbon, abrasives, sand, and other internal built-up. The filter medium comes with a high-efficiency rating. The star feature of Motorcraft oil filters is the pressure relief valve.

It is well-designed to prevent backwash, where contaminated oil in the filter re-circulates back into the engine. No other brand does the valve better than Motorcraft. Performance We were really happy with this purchase for many reasons. Mainly, the price was surprisingly cheap. Then, as always, the brand delivers on its promises. This oil filter is as effective as any OEM factory-grade product. It fits perfectly in Ford vehicles.

The oil filter works exceptionally well, even in winter.

This is not a high mileage oil filter that can be used for over 6, miles. It works best for under 5, miles. You should change this oil filter, even if you use synthetic oils. We really loved the performance, especially the fact that the oil filter can withstand high heat conditions in the engine.

It can be used with similar types of blends, of course, because the filter is not necessarily brand-dependent. This oil filter is usually recommended for gas engines. Design This oil filter boasts some impressive features. It has a metal spiral-wound center tube, which increases the internal strength of the filter.

It also makes the filter highly durable. The oil filter comes with end caps that can prevent trapped contaminants from reaching the engine. High-end oil filters have a valve to prevent contaminated oil from getting back into the engine. For some people, it doesn't matter who works on their car.

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